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At B2B Virtual Solutions, Inc. our mission is to provide you with the royal treatment.  We believe in serving others well and we do so by providing excellent relationship-driven administrative support to overworked business owners like you to free up valuable time so you can invest in your passions that will ultimately move the needle in your business. We believe that building a strong working relationship between you and your new assistant is the best foundation for success! Our purpose is to serve you and your business with excellence.

We're happy to meet you and can't wait to learn how we can help you in your business and ultimately, your life!



At the core of our being, we believe that we're better together. Building strong work-relationships between our assistants and clients lays the best foundation for a successful team.


We hold very tightly to honesty, transparency, and respect. We believe these are absolutely necessary for a successful client-assistant relationship. No matter the situation or circumstance, integrity comes first.


Quality shows in the work we do and the relationships we build with our clients.  Quality comes before quantity every time. Our attention to detail is very apparent in each task we complete.


We stand above the crowd for the service we provide!  This is reflected in our proactive work, "can-do" attitude, and strong rapport.  Your business is our priority and we understand the services we do are a direct reflection of you and your business.  We deliver excellence on a daily basis!


B2B Virtual Solutions, Inc. is prepared to come alongside you in your daily tasks to give you the time and freedom to do what you were made to do.  We're happy to take the repetitive tasks, the mundane tasks, and the tasks you don’t have time to complete and handle them simply and efficiently.  You don't need to carry the the load all on your own; we're here to lighten it for you.


"Dionne was a valuable team member at PowerPro Assistants and was a great virtual assistant to my client.  I hired her to support one of my best clients, and she committed to take care of the client and her team.  She provided administrative services, contacted leads, and helped my client create a workflow and system to keep her organized.  As a busy business owner, you do not have time to look for someone who knows what they're doing, and Dionne saved me from having to search no more.  Let her company take the work off your plate and deliver a high-quality end product.  I'm so happy I used her services for my agency!"


"I have used B2B for over two years now.  The level of service is incomparable.  First off, the assistants form a relationship with the client so there can be chemistry.  This results in the assistants already knowing what the client prefers a lot of times.  The level of professionalism from B2B assistants are impeccable.

B2B Virtual Solutions really represents your company well as it pertains to clients.  We are a small business, but since we started using B2B, we come across as a large corporation to clients.  From organization, follow-ups, professional phone presence, sales, record keeping, data entry, etc., it seems there is truly nothing B2B can't help your business with.  We have used them in 3 different companies my wife and I own and we intend on using them for the duration of our business careers.  We are truly pleased with the service B2B Virtual Solutions, Inc. provides."


"Ms. Dionne has been a blessing to work with.  The level of care she showed my business dealings was excellent.  Not only did she stay on top of all of the many tentacles of my business, she was a voice of reassurance along the way.  Consider an opportunity for her to work with your company an opportunity for growth."